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(last update 2011)

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    • Fields of Application: the "Fields of Application" category allows you to search for thematic category groups. Along with the classical scientific disciplines, we have included new trandisciplinary research fields such as "Conservation Research" and "Risk Research".
    • Involved Disciplines: This category allows the assignment of transdisciplinary projects to the different disciplines concerned.
    • Transdisciplinary Approaches: the "Transdisciplinary Approaches" category covers concepts that structure the research topics of transdisciplinary research projects.
    • Metatheoretical Perspectives: the "Metatheoretical Perspectives" category provides references to theoretical and empirical work on transdisciplinarity, and constellations and developments that require transdisciplinary research. Documents on the different definitions of transdisciplinarity can also be found under this category.
    • Context of Application: the "Context of Application" category includes constellations of collaborations between academic research and non-academic partners.
    • Topics of Importance in Transdisciplinarity: the "Topics of Importance in Transdisciplinarity" category includes important concepts in the context of trandisciplinarity, for example, participation, complexity and uncertainty.
    • Tools: the "Tools" category deals with tools and methods which may be helpful in the context of transdisciplinarity and are also used in disciplinary research.
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Further Resources

The National Cancer Institute's Science of Team Science (SciTS) at the National Institutes of Health has published a toolkit with a bibliography relevant to Team Science:
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