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Capacity building for transdisciplinary research- The services offered by td-net

The td-net complements existing programmes by established institutions of tertiary education, independent of the field of academic specialisation, however often in cooperation and in collaboration with universities.

The aim of the td-net is to ensure that as many students and researchers in Switzerland gain skills in this research approach and in professional process design as possible. This should improve the quality of transdisciplinary research in the future and also transform teaching at universities.

The td-net is also internationally interconnected and active in this field. (ITD-Alliance)

Methodological workshops | Annual Conferences | Open online course

Innovative co-produced open online course starts 30. March 2020

Partnering for Change: Link Research to Societal Challenges

How can we address societal challenges with research? Investigate principles, processes, and applications of transdisciplinarity.

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