Networking and Community Building

"In particular, finding an intellectual community can be a major contributing factor to student success by countering the potential feeling of intellectual homelessness […] among those not firmly embedded within one discipline." (Lyall and Meagher 2012, p 609).

Inter- and transdisciplinary lectures and researchers are members of two scientific communities: (1) the thematic community of the field they work in; and (2) the community of peers using and advancing inter- and transdisciplinary methods and approaches. Usually the scientific identity and career planning is based on the membership to the thematic community and the membership to the methodical community is judged less important or stays undeveloped. By bringing together researchers and lecturers across thematic fields and languages, we facilitate the building of the methodical community. This community knows the particular requirements for inter- and transdisciplinary teaching, research, funding and career planning. And it is able to advertise these requirements with one powerful voice in order to anchor these forms of knowledge production in the long run.

For the Swis community we organize the national conference «Swiss Transdisciplinarity Day» ITD-CH.

In addition we organize the «International Transdisciplinarity Conference» ITD in order to exchange experiences with inter- and transdisciplinary lecturers and researchers from all around the world.

Lyall C & Meaghe, L R 2012. A Masterclass in interdisciplinarity: Research into practice in training the next generation of interdisciplinary researchers. Futures V44 I6, pp 608-617.

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