Outcome-based tools for TD research

Past Events

A structure for navigating the td-net toolbox

24 Mai 2018, 12:00-14:00, ETH Zurich

Exchange meeting with Gabriela Wülser (td-net) and Christian Pohl (TdLab).
The event was part of the TdLab Brown Bag Meetings.

Summary: When planning or while realising a transdisciplinary research process, project leaders need to think about how they want to design knowledge co-production in that concrete case. Other participants might face difficulties during a project that relate to participants’ different ways of thinking, perceiving or approaching an issue, for instance. In these situations, it may be valuable to make use of specific methods or tools. While support for transdisciplinary research is growing, systematic compilations of specific methods and tools for co-producing knowledge in heterogeneous groups as part of research processes are still rare. The td-net’s toolbox for co-producing knowledge - a toolbox provided by td-net in partnership with TdLab - seeks to fill this gap. We plan to redesign the toolbox to lead users directly to the methods that suit their specific needs. To that end, we developed a structure of possible situations in which tools might be helpful and assigned the tools to them. In this workshop, we will present our plans in more detail and discuss the structure in terms of a) clarity and b) missing situations.


Philosophy-based dialogue methods to support communication in transdisciplinary endeavors

12 April 2018, 12:00-14:00, ETH Zurich

Exchange meeting with Sanford Eigenbrode from the University of Idaho, USA.
The event was part of the TdLab Brown Bag Meetings.

Summary: Collaborators from multiple disciplines often face difficulties stemming from the disparate approaches, lexicons, assumptions, and epistemological traditions of different disciplines. This can lead to difficulties, especially when not recognized or tacit. The Toolbox Dialogue Initiative http://toolbox-project.org provides a philosophical yet practical enhancement to cross-disciplinary, collaborative science primarily in the form of dialogue- based “Toolbox workshops”. Rooted in philosophical analysis, Toolbox workshops enable cross-disciplinary collaborators to engage in a structured dialogue about their research assumptions. This yields both self-awareness and mutual understanding. The goal is not to generate a synthetic, integrated perspective, but to grow awareness of the diversity that exists within collaborations. The project has conducted well more than 200 workshops worldwide based on this premise. The session at TdLab will include an overview of the genesis and status of the Toolbox project followed by an exercise using one module from a typical workshop so participants experience the process. Recently I have developed a strong interest in using this format to improve communication with stakeholders, for example in the context of Deliberative Multicriteria Evaluation processes. I hope to share some ideas about this with the group for discussion.

Outcome-based tools for TD research

22 March 2018, 12:00-14:00, ETH Zurich

Exploring the outcome spaces as tool for co-producing knowledge.
Workshop by Cynthia Mitchell and Dena Fam from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia

The workshop was part of the TdLab Brown Bag Meetings.


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