Society and Energy

Sharing expertise on transition in practice – tools and more for cities

May 30, 2017, Swiss National Science Foundation, Wildhainweg 3, Bern

– Invited workshop –

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The National Research Programme "Managing Energy Consumption" (, some projects under the NRP "Energy Turnaround" ( as well as the program VOLTEFACE of the University of Lausanne ( concentrate themselves on the socioscientific aspects on the energy turnaround in Switzerland and of the canton Vaud.
The programs require explicitly the collaboration with praxis partners and the course of the projects is similar what offers fruitful exchange.


Researchers from the projects of the research programs particularly PhD students and scientific collaborators who work on the projects and who are involved with the implementation as well as researchers who are interested in socioscientific research of the energy turnaround.


The exchange serves primarily to keep up to date on the running research projects as well as to inform about previous and expected results.
The meeting offers the opportunity to exchange on methodical questions and to identify interfaces with regards to content. Besides the important key points on the current research work also aspects that are relevant for future research should be discussed.
With all this in mind and with an interdisciplinary view, participants of the workshop will formulate recommendations for cities.


We need your registration for organisational reasons (catering, distribution in the workshops, etc.).
The participation is free of charge.
Many thanks!

Deadline: May 10, 2017


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